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Our mission is to support efforts to tackle degenerative diseases and to extend healthy life span.
Age-related diseases such as most cancers, cardiovascular and neurodegenerative diseases are some of the biggest killers today.
We aim to help the people involved in combatting these diseases to achieve their goals by providing targeted consultancy services.
We bring the skills and the passion necessary to help you and your organisation succeed.
What We Do
Helping companies and organisations to identify potential sources of funding and to present themselves in the best light to investors.
Supporting companies in their business development, by helping them with building business plans, marketing or growth strategies, and forming successful collaborations with others in the same or related fields.
In the area of policy and regulation, providing insight, advice and lobbying on specific issues faced by companies and others in the field, as well as general advocacy aimed at fostering a more benign environment for the research and therapies relevant for extending healthy life span.
About Us

We are passionate about addressing the problems caused by degenerative disease. With backgrounds in business studies and mentoring, public policy and consultancy, we have the knowledge and expertise to help companies and organisations involved in this field to envision and deliver the medical developments that will save countless lives.